Guess Who Started a Vlog

That's right folks, I have started a VLOG. LET'S DO THIS THANGGG.

The countdown has officially begun. Adam and I leave in thirteen days. 13. HOLY CRAP. There is still so much left to do!!

First things first, I have officially released my first VLOG ever to the world. I am excited and I am terrified. To all reading this post, thank you for checking my blog out!

Here you will find all of my VLOG posts updated weekly. I hope to release at least one video and post per week, two if I am feeling productive.

I have started this blog because I need a platform to organize and express my creativity. I have found that I constantly have creative ideas floating around in my brain and a video blog is the perfect place to put those ideas out there.

Enjoy my first VLOG below...STAY TUNED!!! xo

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